Is it all about “likes”?

I started this blog (and my other one) as a way to just put my random thoughts down. Not believing that anyone will read them or comment on them. Much less “like” them. As of today I am up to 31 followers and some “likes”. This got me to thinking…..why do I check the stats every day, sometimes more than once a day? I check my emails to see if anyone else has followed me or has liked what I had to say. I wonder if this has now become my focus, more than what I had originally had planned for this adventure to be.

Let’s be honest, how many blogs and articles do you actually read? Actually like? I know for a fact, sad but true, I like some articles simply because I liked the thumbnail or the picture that came up on my feed. I sometimes don’t even open the article, I just hit that “like” button and away I go to the next one, liking all the way. More or less hoping that the authors of those liked articles will now reciprocate and like mine right back.

Is this what I have been reduced to? Likes and comments? I really think about what I am writing and put my heart and soul into my blogs, and I am quite sure every other author and blogger does the same. So, isn’t it highly disrespectful of me to just like your article and not even give you the courtesy of reading it?

From this moment on I hereby make a promise to myself that I will not “like” any article or blog or even a picture, unless I take the actual time to appreciate the effort and hard work, sweat and love that a person puts into it. To show true appreciation and liking by clicking that little button, which will let the author know that I really appreciate their thoughts and work. I will not be just another statistic, another “like”. I will be what I started out to be, a true human being that aims to be positive and contribute something of worth, even if it is a little “like” 🙂

Bake good choices today everyone!

xo, Lisa

3 Comments on “Is it all about “likes”?”

  1. I told my husband that my blog is a hobby and I love chatting with my blogging family. I have learned so much by reading their posts and like to reply to them as well. There is nothing more frustrating when someone comments on my post and asks me to visit their website, follow them and like their content. I even email with some of my followers. If I don’t keep it fun it would be like a job and I’m retired! 🤣😂🤣

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