Goodbye 2020

How many posts, memes, blogs, tweets have we seen? All with the same theme running through? The absolute horror of a year that we just lived through. All of us, eagerly looking forward to putting this year behind us and hoping that the new year 2021 is nothing like its predecessor. This year of 2020 has been a frightful nightmare for most, is not all of us in one way or another.

I, personally have had to deal with deaths of loved ones, job losses, uncertainty, separation from family and the list goes on. I totally know that I am so not the only one as there are loads of people out there that are dealing with the list above and so much more.

Yet, strangely enough I have to say that this year has taught me more than any other year. Albeit not the lessons I thought I would have learnt, but in other ways, lessons that needed to be learnt. I experienced the pain of not being able to visit a dying loved one or even attend her funeral. Worrying day by day, hour by hour if I will have a job in the next 5 minutes, never mind tomorrow. I learnt what anxiety was, experiencing moments when I literally felt I could not breathe.

Are these the lessons I learnt? Are these the lessons that make me have a new appreciation for being grateful? Yes. even though I missed being with my great aunt in her last moments, even before when she would have known me and I could have held her hand and told her how much I loved her, I learnt that I was grateful for all the years that I did have her. All the times that I was able to spend with her, learning how to bake, copying her recipes, laughing at her stories and I was grateful I got to tell her that I loved her, loved her so very much. I am grateful, more than ever, for my job. Something I took for granted before. I have learnt that I will NEVER take my employment for granted again as I know it is indeed a gift, especially in these times, to be able to make money and pay my bills.

I know what it is like to not be able to sleep with all the worries and fears swirling in your head and seeing each and every bill dance before your closed eyelids. But enough of that, we could all go on and on, listing our horror stories, each worse than the last. But as long as we have learnt something from this past year, then it wasn’t all for nothing. In a strange way I am glad for the past year, as I think I am coming out of it, a more mindful person, at least I am more mindful of the attributes that I must continue to work and improve upon.

Til next year, continue baking and making good choices, xo, Lisa

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