Should I be annoyed?

I don’t know. Do I have the right to be annoyed? You know the times when it’s the little things that annoy you. And if you dare to act irritated you always get that one person who thinks that you are overreacting. Which in turn adds another layer to the annoyance sandwich. Why is it that I don’t have the right to be annoyed over the little things?

But I do. I absolutely do have the right to get mad. To want to, and even go right ahead and, curse and swear and pace over a bumped toe or even a t-shirt that simply won’t go over my head fast enough. A knock on the door while I am trying to nap. An incoming message alert on my phone. The real little things that should not even remotely matter have a way of getting under my skin. But I feel like I must hide this emotion as you don’t want to be seen as irritable, or petty or just weird.

I got my nap disturbed. I love my naps. I truly LOVE my naps. I am passionate about napping. I have theories on naps, including that a truly good nap should not be less than two full, uninterrupted hours. My husband does not understand this nor does he subscribe to my theory. But I have always been a two hour napper. And if I know I cannot get two full hours of blissful nap sleep, then I don’t even bother. So, when I get a knock on the door, announcing something trite and nothing short of an announcement that I have won a major lottery, I get mad. I get pissed, I get….annoyed.

So, I am up now and I am going to look at clouds and try another nap tomorrow.

xo, Lisa

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